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Resources for you and your classroom (or classroom at home)

By Barb Szyszkiewicz

Just a quick roundup of resources you’ll find here on CatholicTeacher.com and from our Bayard publishing partners, to help you and your students get through these weeks of e-learning.

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Recommended reading from Twenty-Third Publications

Praying as a FamilyFrom waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, this little book has a prayer that will fit the bill—all presented in a colorful, engaging format. The book also includes simple family activities and reflections that will enrich the prayers and make prayer time an integral part of family life.

We Pray in Many Ways. Whether children pray alone or with others, in silence or in song, at Mass or in the beauty of nature, this lovely book can help them see how much God longs to hear what they have to say, and how much God wants to speak to them. In loving, clear language and with beautiful illustrations, this book also helps children understand the many symbols, reminders, rituals, gestures, and even the people who can help them pray.

Praying the Stations of the Cross for Healing. Fr. David Knight invites us to journey to the cross with Jesus as a way to heal our own pain, grief, and woundedness. Our true identity, Fr. Knight says, is identification with Christ. So, “we are healed of all rejection—given and received—when we identify ourselves and others with Jesus rejected, crucified, and triumphant.” This deeply inspiring booklet can help each of us open our hearts to the enduring, healing power of God’s love. As Fr. Knight says so beautifully, “The way of the cross is the most important moment of Jesus’ life—for him, and for us. The cross turns pain into love. And love is the fullness of life.”

Recommended resources from Creative Communications for the Parish

For adults:
Living Faith Lent, an excellent daily prayer companion for adults, is available as an ebook for your Kindle or in print format through Bayard Faith Resources.

For Students:
Fun Sticker Sheets:
Students can create Confirmation banners at home with kits from Creative Communications for the Parish.
For Families at Home:
Get the full set of Living Faith Kids sticker books in a package of all 19 titles.

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Supporting Students During an Epidemic

Free online resources from our brand partners at Bayard Inc.

Free Online Resources to Use at Home during the Covid-19 Outbreak

Prayers for the sick and those suffering from COVID-19.

Prayers for the Sick, and those suffering from COVID-19

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