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Worth the click: a few gems we’ve found around the web.

By Barb Szyszkiewicz

Here’s what caught our eye recently:

Catholic School Finders

Does your diocesan website offer a Catholic school finder? We found them at Boston, Philadelphia, and Louisville — we’re sure there are more! Louisville even boasts a beautiful page titled “Why Choose Catholic Schools?

STREAM and Social Media: A Perfect Blend (NCEATalk)

Our friends at NCEA shared an excellent article by Nancy Caramanico:

Today’s digital tools provide excellent means for sharing powerful student work. Created with digital tools, student work is augmented through communication and collaboration with others in digital spaces. One only has to view a school’s website or social media account to see evidence of technology’s impact in the classroom and a school’s ability to share great student work with the world. When it comes to STREAM, social media presents schools with a unique opportunity.

For some schools, though they are doing exemplary STREAM work, they haven’t yet taken the extra step to bring it to social media. These schools may want to share this work but they may lack clear examples of how and when to do so.

Get the rest of the story.

For the Readers

Now there’s an easy way to find out if a book is available at your local library — without leaving Amazon! CNet.com describes a handy Chrome and Firefox extension that saves you time and money.

Bottom line? It’s free, and it works. I clicked through an Amazon link and was instantly able to see if my local library had the book — and with one more click, I’d navigated to the page on my library’s website where I could request that book.

Find out how to install Library Extension.

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