Twitter for Catholic Teachers: A Follower’s Guide

Do you tweet?
Facebook is where my family hangs out, where I stay in touch with far-flung cousins, high-school classmates, and the people at the local community theatre where my son is performing. Instagram is packed with beautiful photos and inspiring messages. But if I could choose only one form of social media to use, I’d pick Twitter.
You can learn a lot in only a few minutes if you follow the right accounts. Here are just a few of my favorites:

Our Family of Magazines

Keep up with new topics on our magazines’ websites as well as other news. Follow:
@CatholicTchrMag (Today’s Catholic Teacher)
@CATECHISTmag (Catechist)
@CatholicDigest (Catholic Digest)

Catholic Author Groups

Find out what’s newly published, for your own reading or for your school or classroom library. Follow:
@CatholicTeenBo1 (Catholic Teen Books)
@CatholicWriters (Catholic Writers Guild)

The Church

Get news from the Vatican, the bishops, and charitable organizations. Follow:
@Pontifex (Pope Francis)
@popesprayernet (Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network)
@VaticanNews (Vatican News)
@CRSRiceBowl (CRS Rice Bowl)

For Fun

Interesting feeds and reads to share with your students. Follow:

@Kc8wzm (Lego Church)
@CathConundrum (Catholic Conundrum – YouTube channel)
@the_popemobile (Popemobile – not an official Church account, but a fun follow when the Pope travels)
@ThomasLMcDonald (Weird Catholic: fascinating photos and explanations behind Catholic customs and practices)


Keep up with the latest on the flu and other contagious illnesses that can affect your school. Follow:
@CDCemergency (CDC Emergency)


Get recommendations for family-friendly (and classroom-friendly) films and TV shows. Follow:

@FamilyTheater1 (Family Theater Productions)


Keep up with what’s up – in space! Follow:
@NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration)


Just for teachers! Follow:



Official forecasts and some fun. Follow:
@NWS (National Weather Service)
@sunset_wx (Sunset predictions and photos)

Local accounts to find and follow

  • Your diocese
  • Your bishop, if he has a separate account from the diocese
  • Your local National Weather Service account (main: @NWS – work from here to find local accounts)
  • Your town, county, and state

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#CatholicEdChat: Professional Development Via Twitter

What other Twitter accounts do you recommend for teachers?

Barb Szyszkiewicz is editor at and managing editor of Today’s Catholic Teacher.