Tips for Teachers Using Social Media for the Classroom

If you’re going to start a classroom social media account, you’ll want to make sure you have these tips in mind.

By Barb Szyszkiewicz

Thinking of starting a classroom Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook account? Here are some teacher-tested tips:

DO keep posts and tweets about life at school positive.

DON’T be afraid to engage. Fill out your profile so others know about you.

DO collaborate, share, connect, and model how innovative learning makes a positive difference.

DON’T keep good ideas to yourself! You may think “everyone” knows it, but it might spark a new idea for someone else.

DO explain social media privacy rules to students; show examples of positive collaboration and sharing.

DON’T blur the line between personal and professional. Make a separate social media account for your classroom.

DO use photos to show off projects, experiments, fun classroom happenings, and room decor.

DON’T display students’ names or faces. Take photos from behind or above, or show objects rather than people.

DO teach students digital citizenship.

ALWAYS be professional and share liberally!

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Barb Szyszkiewicz is a Secular Franciscan wife, mom, writer, musician, and school library volunteer from New Jersey. She is an editor at and has taught in Catholic schools at all levels, from kindergarten through college.