The Sacred Vessels and Linens

Image credit: By Christian Liebel (2020),, CC0/PD

A Q&A lesson on the Eucharist

By Rosemary Bogdan

As a sacristan, I have presented this lesson for many years to the second-graders preparing for their first Communion, but it can be presented to any grade as a lesson on the Eucharist. Knowing what items are used in Mass and why they are used can really enhance a child’s attention to and love for the Mass. It’s a simple lesson that bears good fruit!

Young children really like to see these items up close. The teacher or sacristan could carry them up and down each row for them to see. If the children are old enough and permission is given, they could even line up and come touch the vessels and linens. Respect for the Mass and for sacred items can be conveyed by keeping each item in the sacristan’s hands. No jokes. No fooling around. Speaking in a hushed voice helps to communicate respect and awe.

This lesson may be modified for use while students are studying from home and public Masses are suspended due to social-distancing restrictions because of the novel coronavirus. Encourage your students to view Masses on television or online and to spot each sacred vessel and altar linen as they are being used.

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