Technology Tools for Teachers: Teaching & Learning Tools

These technology tools for teachers will help you in the classroom … and beyond

By Carmen Lagalante

Educational technology is an ever-changing field, with new tools and apps popping up almost every day, while others disappear just as quickly. There are thousands of classroom apps and software available, so it is important to discern the good from the bad—and also learn how to use the ones we like.

Even familiar programs may have tricks and shortcuts we don’t know about, so I recommend subscribing to some trustworthy newsletters and websites that can help us grow in our understanding and efficiency.

Here are a few of the blogs and newsletters I subscribe to myself and find very useful.


TeachersFirst has a section called “What’s Hot” that provides summaries and reviews of websites, software, and apps. Every week they do a roundup.

They also have lots of lessons with ideas for implementing technology. They do a great job with classifying and organizing content so you don’t waste time opening links or downloading apps that are not appropriate for your age group or subject.

Best of all, you can subscribe via email for free.

Free Technology for Teachers

This is a blog filled with tons of information, so much that it can actually be overwhelming.

Fortunately, they offer a weekly roundup of the best of their content, available with a free email subscription. The email highlights just one thing and then provides at the bottom a few links to more good content, making the info easy to digest. One glance at the subject line tells me what the resources are about and lets me decide if I want to open it or not.

Make Tech Easier

This site offers emails that are short and sweet, each containing approximately three headlines. If you find one of them interesting, the link will take you to a full article.

I have learned all kinds of things, such as easy troubleshooting tips, Windows 10 shortcuts, good Chrome apps, and so much more. They have tips about all kinds of devices and issues written for non-techies.

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