Teacher Highlight: Karly Meyer from St. Thomas School

Meet Karly Meyer, wife, mom, and third-grade teacher from Kentucky who is our cover teacher from the Winter 2016 issue. She teaches at St. Thomas School in Ft. Thomas, Kentucky.

What grade and subjects do you teach?

I teach third grade—every subject except science and social studies—and I also teach fourth-grade religion.

Who else is in your family?

My husband Chris and I have been married for 10 years. We went to Newport Central Catholic High School together. We have four sons and one daughter. The three oldest go to St. Thomas School. Christopher is in fourth grade, so I’m teaching him religion this year. Maximilian is in second grade, and William is in kindergarten. Luke is two years old and is always busy loving on his sister, Anna Kate, who was born in July.

karly meyer cover

When you were the age of your students, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was in third grade, I wanted to grow up to be a mom and a teacher. I also wanted to be an interior designer.

What was your favorite subject in school?

When I was in school, I liked religion and math. I loved hearing different parables and learning about the saints.

What are you reading right now?

I don’t really get much time to read books for myself, so I guess I would say If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Goodnight Moon, and any of the Magic Treehouse books are the books I read most frequently with my children.

Is your desk at school messy or neat?

My desk would definitely be considered messy, but I like to call it organized chaos!

What is your next classroom project (or read-aloud, if you prefer)?

The next chapter in our religion text is “Love One Another.” I will tie this into living the Golden Rule and the corporal works of mercy. I hope to inspire my students to come up with some ideas for service projects in our parish and community based on these principles.

Outside of school, what do you enjoy?

I love to watch my children play sports and take walks with the little ones. I also love to craft, but I have a hard time squeezing that in, too!

What is your favorite classroom prayer?

I love a prayer from St. John Bosco: “Pray when it’s time to pray. Study when it’s time to study. Play when it’s time to play. Show kindness to everyone you meet. But do it all for the love of Jesus.”

This prayer helps me remember the importance of having a childlike faith, one that is simple and focused. I think it also helps my students to put their best effort into everything they do. St. John Bosco’s words remind us that there is a deeper meaning to the work we do when we do it for the love of Jesus.

Tell us a little bit about a special project of yours.

I am involved in the Rosary Club at our school, and I love to help teach the children how easy and important it is to pray the Rosary. We meet once a month after school to pray a Rosary together, and the children get to take turns leading a decade. Then we have a simple snack and do an activity relating to the Church season or a feast day.

My favorite project takes place during the second half of the year: the St. Michael’s Club for Boys and the St. Thérèse Club for Girls. I meet with the students in my class one or two days a week during lunch to talk about a particular saint or Bible story that I tie into a topic the kids can relate to. It often leads to some really good discussions about behaviors I am seeing in the classroom or things that are going on in their lives in general. I use this time to help encourage the children to live as good Catholic boys and girls. I challenge them to model some of the characteristics of Jesus or the saint we are discussing that day. Getting to eat lunch with me makes the kids feel special, and we end up talking about some really great topics we just don’t have time for in class.

Where and how can we find you online?

Our school website is StTSchool.org.

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