Quick Quiz: Formative Assessment Tools

New online formative assessment tools with game-like qualities combine real assessment and fun.

by Jim Schurrer

As technology’s role in education increases exponentially, the ease with which teachers can frequently assess their students’ learning also rises. As Catholic educators, frequent assessment of student knowledge is one of the most important responsibilities of our job. It is not enough to wait for the unit test or quarter exam to discover how much our students have learned. Head nods should not suffice as an acceptable check for understanding. Instead, formative assessment must become an integral part of the curriculum. We are called to help all of our students grow as unique individuals, and practicing formative assessment will cultivate a culture of growth and mutual learning. Read more…

More, Less, or Equal

by Kathy Surface

On the 100th day of school, I have my kindergarten students each to bring in 100 small pieces of some kind of food (cereal, candies, etc.) in a Ziploc bag. We weigh the bags on the balance scale while making predictions and discussing other aspects of the bag. As we check each of the bags, the children gain practice in understanding the concepts of more, less, and equal.

Kathy Surface is a teacher at St. Peter Interparish School in Jefferson City, MO.