Your #1 Catholic School Resource!

Summer 2019: Online resources

Catholic Brain: http://catholicbrain.com

YouTube Stations of the Cross: https://todayct.us/2Rxl30u

Interactive Leadership Profiles: https://todayct.us/2suHfte

Scientific American: “Dress for Success” https://todayct.us/2Dxvg4q

Journal of Education and Human Development article on teacher attire: https://todayct.us/2WdnIuY

Gaudete et Exsultate https://todayct.us/2Dz8ysH

Pope Benedict’s address to the Bishops of Switzerland: https://todayct.us/2Tdjull

Faculty-Staff Retreats with printable retreats and handouts for two retreats: http://CatholicTeacher.com/Faculty-Staff-Retreats

Catechist magazine retreats: https://todayct.us/2sNStsM

Five Takeaways from Rejoice & Be Glad (James Martin, SJ): http://todayct.us/2WjVxuv
Pope Francis Explains Holiness: https://todayct.us/2CPSWPQ

MUSIC: “Blest Are They”: https://todayct.us/2BeH4Ht or

https://todayct.us/2sKIch8 (With David Haas)

MUSIC: “Eye Has Not Seen”: https://todayct.us/2TfdvfD

MUSIC: “Beatitudes”: https://todayct.us/2B6n8GC



The Beatitudes – Vladimir Martynov: https://todayct.us/2UhnelA

Blest Are They – David Haas: https://todayct.us/2TdALdT

Taize – The Beatitudes: https://todayct.us/2RQc9vn

The Beatitudes – HD: https://todayct.us/2CNzeV5

Professional Development via Twitter: https://todayct.us/2S2a26V

LinkedIn Professional Development: https://todayct.us/2sKifOU

Pinterest search for PD topics: https://todayct.us/2Hsz7Ur

Basecamp.com: https://todayct.us/2RdDouI

Voxer: http://voxer.com

Rita Pierson, Every Kid Needs a Champion: https://todayct.us/2sJJkS6

Azul Terronez, What Makes a Good Teacher Great: https://todayct.us/2Dv9aj0

Adam Grant, The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers: https://todayct.us/2FKeOjC

Edcamp: https://www.edcamp.org

Michael van Hecke quote: https://todayct.us/2TXEA75

Catholic Textbook Project: http://www.catholictextbookproject.com

TAN Books Story of Civilization: http://www.tanbooks.com

Connecting with History: http://www.rchistory.com

Connecting with History sample pages: http://www.flipsnack.com/RCHistory/

Catholic Textbook Project blog: https://www.catholictextbookproject.com/blog/

American Catholic History Classroom (Catholic University of America): https://todayct.us/2T0JWyo

Facing History: https://todayct.us/2RFayZ1

History Worth Remembering Timelines: https://todayct.us/2TZKjZU

Saint Biographies (Wikipedia): https://todayct.us/2sxSLnN

Discovery Education Virtual Field Trips: https://todayct.us/2B1TqCm

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Virtual Tour: https://todayct.us/2FGvXus

Smithsonian Zoo webcams: https://todayct.us/2UaEhWH

National Park Service Web Ranger program: https://todayct.us/2RavBOb

Google Arts & Culture: https://todayct.us/2FV24WA

Edutopia list of virtual field trips: https://todayct.us/2RWG0S7

Teacher travel programs: https://todayct.us/2FRCodD

EF Tours: https://todayct.us/2RaBVVY

Peace Corps and Fulbright summer travel: https://todayct.us/2HFWpXd

Prayers and Litany to the Sacred Heart: https://todayct.us/2FR8swx

St. Andrew School: http://standrewschool.com
Special People in Catholic Education (S.P.I.C.E.): https://todayct.us/2FTX0lA
St. Andrew’s S.P.I.C.E program: https://todayct.us/2FQpqwE

Quote from St. Thérèse of Lisieux: https://todayct.us/2DjbKZs

Biographical information on St. Rose Philippine Duchesne: https://todayct.us/2Hlhw0N

Institute for the Future’s report, “The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships”: https://todayct.us/2T4zx4S

Technavio’s “Artificial Intelligence Market in the US Education Sector 2018-2022” report: https://todayct.us/2CyVhii

Consumer Technology Association https://www.CES.Tech

SAMR Model https://todayct.us/2ARkJzq

Marvin Minsky on AI: https://todayct.us/2DlDeh7

SAS Institute on AI: https://todayct.us/2CrG6Hs

Quick, Draw! (Google tool): https://todayct.us/2ARIjMc

Machine Learning Projects https://todayct.us/2Mij6PG

Scratch free programming language: https://todayct.us/2Ry9fet

Artificial Intelligence Lesson Plan: http://todayct.us/2T76M7G

How to Explain AI to Kids: https://todayct.us/2AUCIEX