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Spring 2020 Issue Resources

Literary Collage: todayct.us/2O6Bayn

2019 Innovations in Catholic Education Award Finalists and Winners: todayct.us/awards2019
Bishop John King Mussio Central Elementary School: SteubenvilleCatholicSchools.org
Donovan Catholic High School: DonovanCatholic.org
Presentation Academy: PresentationAcademy.org

Interview with Lynne Lang, author of Virtue-Based Restorative Discipline, about safety and violence prevention at school: todayct.us/2RZoYRd
Steal the Bacon game: todayct.us/2O6HDcG
Steal the Bacon video: todayct.us/2Nmegls
Splash Games: todayct.us/31U22G0
World Cup: todayct.us/320QwZb
Physical Educator: ThePhysicalEducator.com
Iceberg: todayct.us/2NpPvVo
Ice-breaker games: IceBreakerIdeas.com
Clapping games: todayct.us/2q0jfjI
Society of Health & Physical Educators: ShapeAmerica.org
TAKE 10: Take10.net

Theology of the Body articles at TCT: todayct.us/36CdJn9
Theology of the Body articles at Catechist magazine: todayct.us/3aWcxhQ

Archdiocese of Philadelphia STEM Lending Library: aoptech.org
Common Sense Media’s articles on educational technology: todayct.us/345RqVR
Taming the Wild Text: Literacy Strategies for Today’s Reader by Pam Allyn & Monica Burns (Shell Education, 2018)
“Should Education Focus Less on the Creative Arts, More on the Art of Creativity?” by Will Burns todayct.us/2Ngp4Sa
“Innovation & Imagination: 12 Benefits of Creativity” todayct.us/2WkbSzu
“Sir Ken Robinson: Creativity Is in Everything, Especially Teaching” by Ken Robinson todayct.us/2BQYY2w
“What Is Creativity? (And Why Is It a Crucial Factor for Business Success?)” by Linda Naiman todayct.us/32TrX1E
“This Neuroscientist Explains Why Today’s Kids Have Different Brains” by Stephen Noonoo todayct.us/32MXOkF
“Cultivating Creativity in Standards-Based Classrooms” by Marilyn Price-Mitchell todayct.us/2NicuSf
“Teachers Must Encourage Student Creativity” by Laura Preble todayct.us/2Nmli9E
“Why Creativity Is the Most Important Skill in the World” by Paul Petrone todayct.us/2MPXs7o

Read our online coverage of developments in the Church’s actions regarding the sexual abuse scandal: todayct.us/2VjiSe8

STEM employment statistics: todayct.us/2NC9X5q
STREAM in Catholic schools: todayct.us/2NPcKZs
WestEd’s STEAM Resources: Multiple resources for planning STEM programs. todayct.us/34CNnAv
Standards-based classroom activities for elementary, middle, and high school students: Next.cc
PBS Learning Engineering Design: todayct.us/2pAPw14
National Geographic Online Courses: todayct.us/2JS6tLi
Code.org Teaching Computer Science Fundamentals Course: todayct.us/2PLxG66
“How to Become a Reflective Teacher — The Complete Guide for Reflection in Teaching” by Lucie Renard: todayct.us/2WJANNc

Rebecca Eanes on extracurricular activities: todayct.us/35EVtKt

“Neighbors” song by Carey Landry: todayct.us/2Wx95TM
“God Created You and Me” song by John Burland: todayct.us/2PC3omc
“Dem Bones” spiritual: todayct.us/32fuT7N

NCEA Exceptional Learner Resources: todayct.us/2Pd9mtB