Spring 2020 Bulletin Board Extra

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A bonus list of books and online resources for teachers.

By Carolyn Astfalk

Building empathy

For writing lessons that spur introspection and encourage social and emotional growth in students in grades four to eight, turn to Creating Strong Kids through Writing: 30-Minute Lessons That Build Empathy, Self-Awareness, and Social-Emotional Understanding by Deborah S. Delisle and James R. Delisle, PhD. The book features prompts and ideas to help kids think deeply about themselves and their aspirations. Available from Prufrock Press.

Teaching Empathy: Strategies for Building Emotional Intelligence in Today’s Students by Suzanna E. Henshon, PhD, helps guide teachers in creating and maintaining classrooms in which students are sensitive to the needs of others. Henshon draws on relevant research and shares ideas for classroom activities meant to cultivate empathy in students. Available from Prufrock Press.

Fostering Creativity

Teachers interested in sparking innovation in their youngest learners will appreciate Allison Bemiss’ Inspiring Innovation and Creativity in Young Learners: Transforming STEAM Education for Pre-K–Grade 3. In six steps, the author leads teachers in transforming learning experiences into opportunities for critical and creative thinking. Available from Prufrock Press.

Lost in Space

Capture students’ attention and imagination with colorful space infographics. Awesome Space Tech: 40 Amazing Infographics for Kids by Jenn Dlugos and Charlie Hatton covers space crafts, telescopes, international space exploration, and more. This book, ideal for grades three to six, provides lessons on astronomy and human ingenuity in easily digestible doses. Available from Prufrock Press.

Faith Formation

Joseph: Guardian of the Holy Family by Sr. Marilyn Evangeline Monge, FSP, is a companion to last year’s Mary, Mother of Jesus. This colorful board book for the youngest learners showcases Joseph’s quiet role in caring and providing for the Holy Family as the foster father of Jesus. Available from Pauline Kids.

New Ed Apps

Looking for some new apps? Who has time to discover new creations, let alone test them out? The Educational App Store, a discovery marketplace for educational apps, takes away some of the guesswork. All featured apps are certified and reviewed by experienced teachers. A 14-day free trial allows you to explore recommended apps.

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Carolyn Astfalk is a contemporary Catholic novelist, blogger, CatholicMom.com contributor, and mother of four Catholic-school students ranging from first grade to high school.

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