Little Flower Catholic School, San Antonio, Texas

by Jessamine Santory

After almost 90 years of educating students in San Antonio, TX, Little Flower Catholic School is proud of its legacy and tradition.

After almost 90 years of educating students in San Antonio, TX, Little Flower Catholic School is proud of its legacy and tradition. Continued excellence in academics and dedication to its students are the school’s priorities. Father Gregory Ross, OCD, superior pastor of the school, says that  “as students of the school of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Little Flower, our children have a unique opportunity to be formed daily in the spirituality of St. Therese’s Little Way: ‘doing ordinary things extraordinarily, well out of love for God.”’

“Several days each week, (students) spend time in our beautiful, historic basilica. During this Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis, the basilica was designated by Archbishop Gustavo [García-Siller] as a jubilee church. Our students will have the opportunity to walk through the Holy Door and participate fully in this special time of the Church’s life,” added Father Gregory.

“The school is special; you can tell as soon as you walk in. There is a spirit of peace, love, and joy among the students,” adds Laura Castillo, a Little Flower parent for the last 10 years. “All my kids have graduated from Little Flower School and they are doing great, not only in academics, but as citizens.”
Little Flower Catholic School has evolved through the years. In technology, it is one of the most advanced schools in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Today the school has a computer lab, interactive Promethean boards in the classrooms, and 80 Chromebooks to use among the students in the school. The teachers use online programs as part of their everyday teaching, from math and science to foreign languages. There are plans to add more technology in the classrooms and make computers accessible to every single student.

The school offers many after-school programs to enhance students’ learning including robotics, creative writing, prayer groups, library and technology clubs, and much more. The athletic department offers different sports throughout the year, always reinforcing the idea of the all-around student, working with their mind, body, and spirit.

Keeping those three areas in mind, Little Flower Catholic School students graduate with a balanced education, understanding that helping others is as important as a high GPA. Archbishop
García-Siller says the “education that our [Catholic] schools provide is a gift for eternity,” knowing that our biggest goal as Catholics is to reach sainthood.

“The goals of today’s education are the same as they were 90 years ago: We need to prepare the citizens of tomorrow with gospel values of respect and dignity to each individual,” commented Jannette Rodriguez, a Little Flower teacher for the past 19 years.

Little Flower Catholic School provides more than an education. It is where values and discipline join to make everyone a better citizen every day, and to have this kind of guidance and education today is priceless.

Source: Today’s Catholic Teacher, April/May 2016