Saint Stories: St. Elizabeth of Hungary

Celebrate the November 17 feast of St. Elizabeth of Hungary with your students.

By Anne E. Neuberger

Enjoy this printable story of St. Elizabeth of Hungary with your students ages 4 – 8.

Feast Day: November 17

Life dates: 1207–1231

Download and print the story of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

For parents and teachers

Princess Elizabeth was betrothed at birth, and at age four she was sent to her future husband’s home. Though her short marriage was happy, most of her life was marked by loss and unacceptance. Her strong faith and charitable
actions brought disdain and even cruelty from her husband’s family. She never wavered in her faith and trust in God, nor altered her actions, which were based on her faith.

Help children understand that often Christianity is counter-cultural. Together, find ways that might apply to your family (e.g., not participating in a Sunday morning ball game to go to church, not buying something so that money could be given to someone in need). Discuss how these decisions are made, how it feels to stick to a belief when others may disapprove, etc.

Feast Day Celebration


Provide crusty Italian or French bread, butter and jam.


A centerpiece created with one real rose, or a bouquet of silk roses, a loaf of bread, and some canned food symbolizes St. Elizabeth’s generosity, her work to alleviate hunger, and God’s love for her. Encircle the centerpiece with some
beautiful fabric. Hang streamers in the color of the roses. Children could use fabrics, towels, and small blankets to wear “Elizabeth cloaks” to the feast — but nothing fancy in keeping with Elizabeth’s choice of simplicity.


Dear Saint Elizabeth,
We ask you to pray with us for all the hungry children in the world.
We ask you to pray with us to become willing to share with others.

Excerpted from A Circle of Saints: Stories and Activities for Children Ages 4-8 by Anne E. Neuberger. Copyright 2009. Published by Twenty-Third Publications ( Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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