Prayer Service for the Feast of St. Lucy

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A prayer service and fun extra ideas to celebrate this holy martyr.

By Jean Grant

Our popular Prayer Service is now a printable for your convenience!

Download and print this month’s Prayer Service.

In your school or parish community, try these suggestions to make St. Lucy’s story come to life:

  • Put wheat seeds in small bags and give everyone their own to plant.
  • On St. Lucy’s Day, have the girls wear white dresses and make wreaths for their heads. Use construction paper to make the wreaths, and add paper candles. Get a roll of red Christmas plastic or ribbon 4-6 inches wide. Measure the ribbon to tie around each girl’s waist, with the ends hanging down to knee length. If you wish, include novenas, masses, or festivals.
  • Take cookies to all classes or a retirement home by those dressed in costume in tribute to St. Lucy. (Tell a local bakery your plans. They may donate the cookies!)

    Traditional cookies served on St. Lucy’s feast day. Image credit: By David Joyce (2013),, CC BY-SA 2.0

Jean Grant is a retired teacher from St. Charles, Missouri.

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