Meet Brother Christopher Start, OSB

Learn more about Brother Christopher Start, OSB, who teaches 8th-grade religion and middle-school science in St. Benedict Catholic School, Atchison, Kansas.

Who else is in your family?

My parents live in Michigan. My father, Bill, is a salesman, and my mother, Sue, is a community mental health advocate. My brother, Michael, is a welder in Oregon, and my sister, Jessica, is a graphic designer in Michigan.

When you were the age of your students, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I really didn’t have a clear idea that I can recall when I was a middle school student. One thing was for sure, though: I did not want to be a teacher! Being a religious also had not entered my thoughts at all.

What was your favorite subject in school?

Many topics in school interested me. I was strong in vocal music, French, and science — especially biology. Marching band and symphony band were particularly enjoyable, though I never practiced enough to be proficient at playing the French horn.

What are you reading right now?

Conferences by John Cassian
Fuels and Tools by Jonathan Doyle
Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros
Bridging the Great Divide by Bishop Robert Barron
Sayings of the Desert Fathers

Is your desk at school messy or neat?

I don’t have a desk! I use my tech cart as a workstation. It is a little disorganized, but nothing a few minutes of attention wouldn’t fix.

What is your next classroom project?

Seventh-grade science will be launching a unit on design-process thinking, looking to build and improve on several builds (currently considering the standard balloon-powered car, but may ramp up to a solar-powered oven).

Eighth-grade science will be doing a project on what it would take to take our school partially or completely off-grid as we study human impacts on the environment.

Outside of school, what do you enjoy?

Reading, body-weight exercising, silence, and prayer.

What is your favorite classroom prayer?

The Memorare.

Where and how can we find you online?

TWITTER: @BroCstart

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