Look at Triduum Symbols

Journey with children through the Triduum by setting up a station for the days of this season.

By Pat Mathson


The Triduum is a sacred time for all of us. Journey with children through the Triduum by setting up a station for the days of this season. Make a framed sign for each day: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Vigil. Display items associated with each day to help children learn about this holy season.


Explain to your learners that the Triduum is a three-day season between the Lent and Easter seasons. Walk through the three days and teach the children about the symbols for each one. Stress that the cross was not the end but led to the resurrection of Jesus and new life for all of us.

Walk through the Triduum

Holy Thursday

Show a bowl and pitcher.

Explain how Jesus washed the feet of his disciples on the night before he died. Talk about how Jesus told his followers to serve others as Jesus was the servant of all. Ask the children to name ways they can serve others, such as making get-well cards for people in the hospital or helping with a parish outreach project.

Good Friday

Display a cross on a purple cloth along with an open Bible.

Tell the children that this was the day that Jesus died on a cross. Explain that we call this day Good Friday because we know that it leads to the resurrection and Easter Sunday. We display crosses to remember how much God loves us. Invite the children to tell about any crosses they have at home or have seen elsewhere.

Easter Vigil

Put out a white cloth and a bowl of holy water plus a green plant.

Share with your learners that the third day of the Triduum is from the Easter Vigil through Easter day. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Explain that people are baptized at Mass at the Easter Vigil and welcomed into the church. Invite the children to make the sign of the cross with holy water as a reminder of their own baptism.

Excerpted from 70 Church Year Lesson Starters for Kids and those who teach them, by Pat Mathson. Copyright 2017. Published by Twenty-Third Publications (twentythirdpublications.com). Used with permission. All rights reserved.
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