Great Ideas Winner for 2018-19

What was the best of our Great Ideas this school year?

At the Innovations in Catholic Education event this April, we honored 12 schools for their exemplary programs and projects. We also celebrated the work of an individual teacher who submitted the best of our Great Ideas this school year.

Sr. Grace Augustine, O.P., of St. Luke’s School, Bronx, New York, was this year’s Great Ideas Grand Award winner!

L-R: Editorial Coordinator Pat Gohn; Sr. Grace Augustine, O.P.; Hugues de Foucauld, CEO of Bayard, Inc.

In our Winter 2018 issue, Sister shared this idea for a quick math review while teaching any other subject:

Whenever I begin a lesson in class, I tell the children the page and then write the page number on the board. The other day we had to turn to page 37. Instead of writing the number on the board, I wrote 5×7 + 2. This was a good review of the multiplication tables. I also could have written 40-3, or 30+7, or 70 divided by 2+2 to get the same results. I did this when I taught Roman numerals as well. It is a good way to review, and the children seem to enjoy the challenge of finding the correct page for the lesson.

Bayard CEO Hugues de Foucauld presents the Great Ideas Grand Award to Sr. Grace Augustine, O.P., at the Innovations in Catholic Education Awards event in April 2019.

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