Great Ideas: WANTED: Disciples

A project for students and their families to highlight discipleship

From the TCT archives: want ads for disciples

As a follow-up to lessons on the sacraments of service and my third-graders’ role in their faith community, each child was assigned to create a disciple “want ad.” Ads included requirements for candidates: open hearts and minds, ability to carry a daily cross and live the law of love, and so on. Students and their families made posters which were displayed in the hallway, and the ads were published in our school newspaper.

~ Submitted by Julie Grall, St. James School, Mukwonago, Wisconsin, and originally published in our November/December 2009 issue

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2 thoughts on “Great Ideas: WANTED: Disciples

  1. This sounds like a really cool project! Do you have a specific handout you give the kids you could share? Thanks!

  2. Dear Catherine, Because this is an activity from our magazine archives, we no longer have contact information for the teacher who submitted the idea. If you ever create your own handout to go with this activity, we’d be happy to add it to the post with credit to you; simply email with the handout.
    -Barb Szyszkiewicz, managing editor

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