Great Ideas: Turning Over a New Leaf

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Take advantage of seasonal splendor to encourage change in your class with this Great Idea from the TCT archives.

Inspired by the fall landscape, I filled bags with leaves. I asked my middle-school language arts classes, “What happens in fall?”

Of course, they responded, “Leaves fall.”

With that, I scooped up armfuls of leaves and threw them into the air until the floor was covered. Our lesson about “turning over a new leaf” continued with a discussion of how we would keep doing things that were working well in class and change those that weren’t.

On a cut-out paper leaf, each student wrote what he or she would change, and the ideas were shared. The leaves were then stapled to a bulletin board as reminders.

~ Submitted by Donna Iannelli  (at time of original publication, from Hawthorne, NJ)

This great idea was originally published in our November/December 2011 issue.

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