Great Ideas: “St. Jerome’s Challenge” Scripture Game

How do you teach students to love and appreciate the Bible? Here’s a great idea you’ll want to try!

I’m so excited to share this great idea—St. Jerome’s Challenge!

St. Jerome was devoted to the Bible. He encourages us to not only read it, but break it down, meditate on it, and speak it.

In my fifth-grade classroom, which has become well-known throughout our school and parish, we have taken St. Jerome up on his challenge.

Together as a class we learn a Bible verse each week. In addition to reciting it, we can also talk about it with a joyful heart. Thus, we are spreading God’s word.

So just as we learn with 1Thessalonians 5:11, [we are to] “Be kind to one another. Build each other up.” We can choose to be like Christ and make our mark on the world by finding the good in all people, while being a mirror for them of the beauty that is within their soul.

We stand up as a class and recite our Bible verse at our school Mass every Friday. We share at our Senior Luncheons (for the senior citizens of our parish) each month the verses we have learned and what they mean.

We display the verse for all in the school to see. We work hard to imitate the action that God wants us to take in each verse.

St. Jerome tells us that when you are reading the Bible, God is speaking directly to you.

Imagine the light bulb that goes on in our children’s minds and the fascination on their faces when they can picture God talking to them.

Through St. Jerome we have a whole new way to approach the Bible and all that it can teach us.

So, as I pass along this “Great Idea,” I must give credit where credit is due: It is not just me that is teaching this lesson, but St. Jerome, too!

~ Submitted by Janey Hall, fifth-grade teacher, Our Lady of Peace School, Wheeling, West Virginia

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