Great Ideas: Praise Parade

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A simple, meaningful lesson in kindness and love — great for any time of year.

Last year, my fourth graders surprised our school’s principal, faculty, and staff members with personalized messages as part of a special Lenten activity. To re-create this activity, follow the easy steps below or adapt a version of this process to meet your own needs.

Start by making a list of all intended recipients.

Next, schedule delivery dates for everyone on the list.

Take a few minutes each day or week (depending on the number of recipients) to begin writing personalized messages on sticky notes. The beauty of this activity is that it presents the opportunity for each student to share a sweet memory, words of encouragement or thanks, prayers, or other kind thoughts.

On delivery day, the class quietly heads toward the recipient’s classroom or office with sticky notes in hand. They secretly deliver the messages by leaving them on the person’s door or desk.

Sneak back to your classroom and see your students realize how fun it can be to be kind! Small gestures go a long way, and giving back is rewarding!

By the end of Lent, we had spread much love, kindness, and gratitude. The act was contagious, both for those who received the notes and for the students who gave them! This simple activity teaches meaningful lessons in kindness and love. I hope my students will always remember how great it feels to think of others!

~ Submitted by Sylvia Buller, grade four teacher at Resurrection Catholic School, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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