Great Ideas: Our Lenten Journey

Pack your bags for a journey through the Lenten season.

From the TCT archives: a clever, tangible way to observe Lent with your class.

Using white paper lunch bags decorated with Lenten symbols, we pack our bags for our Lenten journey. Each school day, we put a Lent-related item in the bag. Here are some we have used: yo-yo, to show how God lifts us up as we begin to fall; birthday candle, to represent our baptismal candle; nails, recalling Jesus on the cross; pretzels, for prayer; sword toothpicks, recalling swords that pierced Jesus’ side; and a flashlight, for Jesus, the Light of the World.

~ Submitted by Deb Barney  (at time of original publication, from St. Mary’s School, Leipsic, Ohio)

This great idea was originally published in our January/February 2013 issue.

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