Great Ideas: Music BINGO

Looking for a fun idea for music class? Try Music BINGO!

Write the letters M-U-S-I-C on a wide craft stick using a different color felt tip pen for each letter. On the reverse side write a musical term—for instance, a quarter note.

Make BINGO cards on the computer, substituting MUSIC for BINGO. Print, cut, and paste on sturdy backing. Use a thin black felt tip marker and write a symbol or words below each colored letter, such as: red M, four beats, etc. Laminate each card.

To play, mix up the sticks in a container. Draw one and say, “M, quarter note.” When a child has  five squares covered, he or she calls out loudly, “MUSIC!”

~ Submitted by Sr. Florette Marie, music teacher, Preschool-8, Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Oxnard, California

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