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From the TCT archives: integrating religion and reading

In my first-grade classroom, we focus on a letter of the week, beginning with A and working our way to Z. Mondays through Thursdays, students practice formation of the letter. On Fridays they learn a Bible story that coordinates with that week’s letter.

During A week, for example, they learn about Adam and Eve; B week is the Baptism of Jesus. An activity reinforcing the biblical message follows.

~ Submitted by Kathy Porting  (at time of original publication, St. Peter Interparish School, Jefferson City, Missouri)

This great idea was originally published in our August/September 2013 issue.

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  1. Hi! Would you be willing to share your list of the letters and people or stories that you share with your class?

  2. This Great Idea was originally published several years ago, so we cannot guarantee that the teacher who submitted it will be able to reply to your question. (editor)

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