Great Ideas: Journals at Home

Image credit: By Santi Vedri (2018),, CC0/PD

A writing journal for parents and students to share, from the TCT archives.

By December, my third-grade students were ready for an authentic writing assignment called “Journals at Home.” It provided families with an opportunity to share in a positive writing experience.

Each evening the students wrote in their journals. At least once a week, a parent would write a response to his or her child. After writing a response, the parent would place the journal in a special spot, to be read by the child in the morning.

By expressing themselves through the written word, students were able to communicate with their parents in a new and exciting fashion.

~ Submitted by Lori Kocher  (at time of original publication, St. Joseph Catholic School, Olney, IL)

This great idea was originally published in our November/December 2012 issue.

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