Great Ideas: Jesus Dolls and Super Saint Capes

Looking for ways to motivate and encourage students? A teacher from California shares what works in her class.

I wanted to share two ideas that are fun and work well for my transitional kindergarten class.

The first is our classroom Jesus Doll.

My students take afternoon naps, and to encourage them to lay quietly, leave their neighbor alone, and hopefully sleep, I tell them whoever goes right to sleep or lays quietly on their mat may wake up with the Jesus Doll, who is soft and cuddly.

That person then gets to lead us in afternoon prayer, including blessing each classmate with the sign of the cross and a “May God be with you” on the forehead, and proudly wears a sticker home that reads: “I woke up with the Jesus Doll and gave the end-of-the-day blessing.” They love it and are so proud and excited for each other regardless of who is bestowed the honor.

The second fun thing I would like to share is our Super Saint Capes for All Saints Day.

These are just paper bags cut in the shape of a cape and tied with string. The back reads: “Super Saint!” and the children decorate as they wish. We stroll the Mission grounds where our school is located and show everyone that saints are our real superheroes!

~ Submitted by Shannon Brown, Preschool Director & transitional kindergarten teacher, Holy Cross Catholic School, Ventura, California

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