Great Ideas: Giving the Gift of Time

What students crave most: the gift of time

How can we show our students that they have our undivided attention? One early childhood educator found the key.

During the course of the day, be it play-based learning time, lunchtime, or outdoor play, I make it a point to get down to my students’ physical level whenever possible. This brings me face-to-face with them, and I am able to listen to them as well as communicate with them in a better way.

At every opportunity I try to give them my time by listening to their observations, their discoveries, their joys, and their woes. And in this busy world, often this is the gift that they crave — the gift of time.

By doing this, children connect with me, listen to what I have to say, and are willing to follow the rules.

~ Submitted by Mitha DeCunha, early childhood educator, Halton Catholic School Board, Ontario, Canada

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