Great Ideas: Favorite Activity Name Game

Get to know your students as you begin the school year

Begin by asking the student sitting at one of the corner desks at the front of the room to say their first name and an activity they participate in or enjoy. Have them also come up with a gesture that shows the activity. For example, a student says: “My name is Alice, and I like reading” and holds her hands as if reading a book. The second person must repeat the first person’s name and activity along with the gesture, and then their own name, activity, and gesture. The third person repeats from the beginning and adds her own name and activity to the game.

When all the students have participated, I recount them all and then add my own name at the end. This may or may not be your cup of tea, but it’s an effective device that is always good for a few laughs. The beauty of this activity is that not only do you learn your students’ names, but you will also remember their sport or activity all year long. I use this every year, and on back-to-school night parents are impressed that I know their child’s favorite activity.

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Image credit: Shutterstock 289558970

Image credit: Shutterstock 289558970

Image credit: Shutterstock 289558970

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