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Compiled by Carmen Lagalante

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Teacher toolbox

Ashley, a third-grade teacher who blogs at Teach Create Motivate, shares this great idea for supply storage:

Throughout the school day I have many teachers coming to my room (special education teachers, paraprofessionals, occupational therapists, and others), and they all love it because they know where to find everything! It is a huge time-saver: I no longer spend five minutes looking through my drawer for a paper clip. I highly recommend making one of these!

Learn how to make your own toolbox just like this one on Teach Create Motivate and get these same labels for $4.50 on Teachers Pay Teachers.


Meghan, a kindergarten teacher from Cantonsville, Maryland, shares this idea, originally posted at, that can be adapted for any grade-level and any skill.

In the beginning of the school year, and as the year progresses, I make a point to observe both the academic and the personal life skills my students possess and display. These may include tying shoes, zipping up coats, or using the computer or listening center. I then find something that each student is an expert at and, with the student’s input, create a Yellow Page-style advertisement for that student.

The page features the child’s name and photo and tells what they are good at. I may even place a photo of that child engaged in their area of expertise. I put the pages into a notebook and place it in the class library. Whenever someone needs assistance with something, they can consult our class Yellow Pages for help.

For a common need, such as tying shoes, it is fine to include more than one expert. You also can add or subtract pages as desired.

Celebrating students’ strengths has never been so easy — or so helpful!

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