Great Ideas: Classroom Rules, 3 Ways

Help students take ownership of the rules they’ll follow

Almost every classroom I’ve ever walked into has a poster with the classroom rules listed, usually with a list of consequences and rewards. I think it is a great reminder for students to see the rules, but we all know that students remember things better if they have had a part in the creation process.

Classroom rules poster

Take time during the first week to ask your students what they think the classroom rules should be, rating them in order of importance, and then have them find pictures for each rule. You then can take their ideas and pictures and create the classroom rules poster. If the kids are old enough, you can allow them to make the poster themselves, or put them in groups and have each group decorate one of the rules. You can then staple them, one below the other.

Classroom rules video

Search “classroom rules” on YouTube, and you will see that it is quite a popular idea. The idea is to first get the whole class involved in deciding the rules and then make a video. The students demo the good behavior in skits or movie clips and put everything together with good music. Some teachers do the acting themselves or find other creative ways of making a fun video that gets the point across.

Classroom rules tweets

Rules are always a tough subject when you are teaching teens. Whether it is middle school or high school, you need to make them cool. A teacher shared on Pinterest her “Twitter-Style” Rules. Using websites that write fake tweets, she wrote each rule and even included a hashtag for each one. For example: “Come to class prepared. #NoExcuses”; “Listen to directions. #WakeUp.” You can use or any other Twitter simulator you can find on the Web. Then print all of them up and put them on your classroom wall.

~ Submitted by Carmen Lagalante

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Image credit: Shutterstock 505329973

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