Great Ideas: Blessing Bags


This service project helps even the youngest students care for the poor and vulnerable.

We stress the life and dignity of the human person, respect and love of family, love of our neighbor, and the importance of caring for God’s creations. Our “Blessing Bag” lesson is the conclusion of our Creation unit. It reinforces that all of God’s creations are good and that it is the responsibility of all God’s children to care for one another.

The children make “blessing bags” (comprised of small toiletries, socks, and baby wipes) for the homeless. Through this Christian service project, we acknowledge that we have the responsibility to care for the poor and vulnerable, and by the work of our hands, we participate and give back to our local community.

To appreciate the blessings in their lives, children need to be taught that it is important to give back and help others. It is an ideal that needs to be taught and modeled. Every class at Our Lady of Fatima Parish School is charged with a class Christian outreach project. As the transitional Kindergarten teacher, I wanted to find a project that was locally based and one that the children could make themselves.

Teaching children to share and be givers provides opportunities to develop kindness, a virtue that improves lives and reduces violence and bullying. When we share with others, we are saying “thank you” to God.

~ Submitted by Lynda Donovan, teacher, Our Lady of Fatima Parish School, CA

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