Great Ideas: A Special Advent Calendar

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From the TCT archives: A student-created Advent calendar for your bulletin board or hall display

An Advent calendar which eventually forms a candle was created in our hallway. Using purple and pink paper, I numbered pieces to coordinate with the dates of the Advent season and laminated the papers.

I formed four rows of seven pieces of paper each. The first, second, and fourth rows consisted of purple paper and the third was made of pink. A flame was cut out of yellow paper to top the center of the first row.

Each student drew or wrote an Advent symbol or reflection. Each day of Advent, we taped one student’s work on that day of the season, much like opening a window of a traditional Advent calendar.

~ Submitted by Theresa Valerius  (at time of original publication, St. Francis de Sales Catholic School, Lebanon, Ohio)

This great idea was originally published in our November/December 2012 issue.

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