Great Ideas: 2 for Catholic Schools Week

Appreciate new family registrants and your school’s faculty and staff this CSW

From the TCT archives: Two easy Catholic Schools Week ideas

A Welcome Gift

During Catholic Schools Week, present new family registrants with a special gift such as a rosary from the school. Attach a message from the pastor and principal as a welcoming gesture. This present for their “presence” provides families with a memento of the day of registration, reinforces Catholic identity, and lays the groundwork for home-school communication.

~ Submitted by Gail Harvey (at time of original publication, assistant principal at St. Saviour School, Brooklyn, NY)

Showing Appreciation

To show our appreciation for faculty, staff, cooks, custodians, and helpers during Catholic Schools Week, each second-grader drew and colored a different person on 9″ x 12″ white construction paper. Four or five adjectives describing that person were written on the drawing. Finally we glued on a personal photo from the yearbook before displaying the posters in the hall. The posters were later given to the designated persons.

~ Submitted by Sr. Luigi Frigo (at time of original publication, from Aces-St. Pius X School, Appleton, WI)

Both ideas were originally published in our January/February 2011 issue

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