Great Idea: Help Students Serve Others

Service is an integral part of our Catholic identity. But how do you encourage and help your students to serve others? Read on for a great idea!

Each year my sixth-grade students create a bulletin board display proclaiming “Sometimes God Calls Us to Be Angels.”

The lesson begins with an old joke about a person sitting on a house surrounded by water. This person firmly believes that God will save him, so he prays.

Immediately a person in a boat comes by and offers to take him in the boat. The man refuses.

Next, a helicopter also tries to save him. Unfortunately, the man drowns.

When he gets to heaven, he asks God why he didn’t save him.

God’s response was, “Who doy ou think sent you the boat and the helicopter?”

We then discuss the ways that we can be God’s angels.

Finally, I distribute blank angel templates and have students create their own angels.

In the past, students have produced angels with football jerseys, angels with tennis rackets, angels with microphones, and angels with the latest hairdos.

We then put all of the angels up on the bulletin board.

~ Submitted by Noreen Dempsey, sixth-grade teacher, St. Patrick School, Carlisle, Pennsylvania

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