Bulletin Board: Online Resources for Fall

Online resources for you and your students

By Carolyn Astfalk

Rosary app for kids

Screen Shot from Bead by Bead app, 2018

Screen Shot from Bead by Bead app, 2018

The Bead by Bead Rosary app for iPad and iPhone allows children to pray along, bead by bead. Each virtual bead includes a corresponding prayer and an illustration. The selected bead remains highlighted, allowing children to easily track the prayers. Colorful and easy to use, the app includes all mysteries in both English and Spanish. Available from the iTunes Store.

Catholic lit for middle grades and teens

CatholicTeenBooks.com has added a “For Teachers” section to its website. Novel titles, with summaries and themes, are organized by grade level and include information about discounted bulk purchases and links to discussion questions and study guides.

Creative versatility with book creator app

The Book Creator App for iPad allows you to create books with text, photos, videos, audio, and hyperlinks and then share them in a variety of formats — PDF, ePub, video. The multimedia app employs soundtracks and comic book panels, and is flexible enough to work with other apps. Perfect for student journals, project templates, and shared eBooks. Available from the iTunes Store.

Examining arguments using logic

Teach students to recognize false arguments and think logically with the Logical Fallacies wall poster. Download the graphic for free or purchase a printed wall poster with brief explanations of fallacies such as the strawman, loaded question, and appeal to emotion. Available from YourLogicalFallacyIs.com.

Tour an ancient civilization

Screen Shot from Google Earth, 2018.

Screen Shot from Google Earth, 2018.

Take students on a tour of ancient Rome! This virtual tour includes more than 6,000 3-D buildings, including the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. Simply launch Google Earth and search for “ancient Rome.” Includes not only images, but facts about each historical place.

Catholic coloring pages

Find free, printable Catholic coloring pages of saints, feasts, and more at DelphinaRose.wordpress.com, a site by artist Rebecca Górzyńska. Click the “Catholic” tab to go directly to the coloring pages or join the Catholic Coloring Pages Facebook group.

Photo copyright 2018 Lisa Julia Photography - Bayard Inc. All rights reserved.

Photo copyright 2018 Lisa Julia Photography – Bayard Inc. All rights reserved.

Carolyn Astfalk is a contemporary Catholic novelist, blogger, CatholicMom.com contributor, and mother of four Catholic-school students ranging from preschool to high school.

Photo copyright 2018 Lisa Julia Photography – Bayard Inc. All rights reserved.
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