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Fall 2018: Online resources

8 ways to make students feel welcome on the first day of school: bit.ly/FirstDayWelcome
First day of school welcome kit: bit.ly/TCTWelcomeKit

Catholic Fundraiser: CatholicFundraiser.net
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Fair Trade Fundraiser: Todayct.us/EthicalTrade
Tiny Saints Fundraiser: Todayct.us/TinySaints
Catholic Fundraising Ideas: Todayct.us/CatholicFundraising
Holy Spirit Monastery’s Fundraising Program: Todayct.us/HolySpiritMonastery
Printery House Fundraisers: Todayct.us/PrinteryHouse
Seattle Seed Fundraiser: SeattleSeed.com/Fundraising
Prayer Pillowcases: Todayct.us/PrayerPillowcases
Totally Catholic Fundraising: TotallyCatholicFundraising.com
Monks’ Bread: Todayct.us/MonksBread
Faith Factory T-Shirts: Todayct.us/FaithFactory
Mystic Monk Coffee: MysticMonkCoffee.com
Equal Exchange Fundraiser: Todayct.us/EqualExchange

Cloistered Life: CloisteredLife.com
Congregation of Major Superiors of Women Religious: cmswr.org
Imagine Sisters: ImagineSisters.org

School website: HolySpiritFlames.org
School Facebook: Facebook.com/HSSFlames
Angelus prayer for vocations printable: CatholicTeacher.com/Vocations-Angelus

Downloadable: CatholicTeacher.com/Fall-2018-Sundays
OCP: OCP.org
Story of Stuff video: storyofstuff.com
DVD – Teen Relationships and Sexual Pressure: VisionVideo.com

All resources for article: bit.ly/TCTSummer2018
Media Smarts virtual life lesson: bit.ly/TCTOnlineBehaviorLesson
Measure your footprint: bit.ly/TCTMeasureFootprint
Internet Society digital footprint: bit.ly/TCTFootprintTutorials
Prove It! Citation Scavenger Hunt: bit.ly/TCTProveIt
Tips for Teaching Students to Research and Filter Information: bit.lyTCTSearchTips
Digital Citizenship Institute Symbaloo on fact and fiction in the news: bit.ly/TCTNewsOnlineResources
Anti-cyberbullying toolkit: bit.ly/TCTCyberBullying
Visible Thinking: bit.ly/TCTVisibleThinking
Public Shaming: bit.ly/TCTPublicShaming
Ethical Considerations of Technology: bit.ly/TCTExploringEthics
12 ways to teach ethical technology use: bit.ly/TCTTeachEthics
BBC’s Guide to Computers in Society: bit.ly/TCTBBCEthicsGuide
Common Sense Media Scope and Sequence: bit.ly/TCTCommonSenseMedia
Netsmartz: bit.ly/TCTNetsmartz
Cyberwise: Cyberwise.org (K–12)
Media Education Lab Library: MediaEducationLab.com (K–12, digital and media literacy)