Editor’s Note, Spring 2018: Lenten Encouragement

Explore Opportunities to Open Your Heart

The Lenten season offers a time and space for us to come to terms with our struggles and weaknesses as human beings while opening our hearts a little wider to others.

This issue of Today’s Catholic Teacher highlights key opportunities for exploring Lent in your lives and those of your students. Jean Grant provides readers with a comprehensive list of opportunities for service, growth, and volunteering during Lent, ranging from personal sacrifices such as watching less TV to more teacher-directed actions that support students who struggle. The options are infinite. Let this season be one where you explore new opportunities to open your heart a little wider.


This issue also includes multiple articles centered on the importance of strong communication. Karen Walker shares “The Remarkable Turnaround,” the story of one Catholic school that turned inward and listened to what families wanted in a Catholic education. The result: a thriving community.

A final theme of this issue surrounds shared leadership at every level of schooling. Louise Moore gives an insightful overview of how a distributed leadership model promotes the development of teacher leaders. With increased rates of teacher attrition, especially in schools that educate our nation’s neediest children, developing support networks amongst teachers is key. Likewise, Sr. Patricia McCormack explains how to cultivate leadership within classrooms by giving students opportunities to develop their own initiative. Such learning opportunities push students beyond their comfort zone as they work to reach the goals they’ve set.

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Peace and blessings,

Dr. Lisa D’Souza