“Do Be Do”: A Game for All Ages

An open-ended motivational game for classrooms and families

By Peter Tassi

“Do Be Do” is a fun way to motivate us to do what we need to, from taking care of business to having a fun day to having a day of adventure. It is structured to get people thinking and reflecting while motivating them to be responsible, industrious, and kind. Whether in pairs, a group, or solo, participants roll four large cubes, similar to dice. Instead of different numbers on each side of the blocks, there are different colors on each side. The various colors correspond to a theme for the day or week.

Peter Tassi - Do Be Do game

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Rolling the colored cubes is fun and keeps participants in a state of hope and anticipation that the colors they want will appear. If they get duplicate colors, they have to determine whether or not to roll those cubes again to get the result they desire or take the outcome they received. Their roll determines what kind of day or activity they are challenged to live out. (See the printable list of activity ideas.) Players are encouraged to come up with additional activities to fulfill the challenge. For example, if their roll gets them “Adventure Day,” they have to figure out the activities that would fit this challenge.

Peter Tassi - Do Be Do game

Copyright Peter Tassi/Bayard Inc. All rights reserved.

The length of play time depends on the number of participants. For example, if a young person wakes up in the morning and turns to the game for motivation and/or direction, rolling the blocks would only take a few minutes. If your family wants to plan an entire week, the game can take 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the number of participants. If the game is used by teens or adults at a party, it could go for as long as an hour or more. Likewise, if teachers are using it in a classroom, the game could take an hour or more.

The game comes with different lists that are tailored to suit diverse groups. In addition, the game can be adapted for individual play, family play, or play at parties or in classrooms.

Download the printable rules of the game and list of activity ideas for all ages.

Peter Tassi is a retired high-school teacher, high-school chaplain, and mission worker. He has published and produced non-fiction books, musical plays, and screenplays in the USA and Canada.

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