Bulletin Board EXTRA: New Term, New Tools

Bulletin Board Extra

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Bonus Bulletin Board content, because we couldn’t fit it all in the magazine!

By Carolyn Astfalk

Book Smart

Making Mass Meaningful

The Mass is explained in Anna Goes to a Party … and Learns about the Mass by Gabriele Krämer-Kost, a chapter book ideal for the early grades. A family birthday party serves as the occasion at which Anna, who is preparing for her first Communion, learns about the Mass. Available from Pauline Books & Media.

Laughs and Learning

Who doesn’t enjoy a round of Mad Libs? Now you can entertain, sharpen grammar skills, and learn about the Catholic faith with Karen and Tommy Tighe’s Catholic Funny Fill-ins. With illustrations and “Did you know?” facts on each page, these puzzles are fun for individual students, youth groups, or classrooms. Available from Pauline Books & Media.

Life Online

Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology by Diana Graber aims to assist parents, teachers, and communities in helping children moderate their use of technology. Filled with discussion topics and activities, it addresses the four pillars of online life — screen time, reputation management, relationships, and privacy — and covers what children and teens should know about each. Available from Pauline Books & Media.

Practical Helps

Keeping Time

Use free holiday-themed timers from OnlineStopwatch.com, complete with animation and sounds to use in the classroom throughout the year.

ABCs App


Courtesy of BrotherFrancis.com. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

The Brother Francis “A is for Angel” app emphasizes letter recognition and alphabet sequence with read-along and read-on-my-own options. Easy drag-and-drop features make it simple for young children to explore letters, sounds, and their faith. Available from the App Store or Google Play.

Spanish Science Resources

Building Blocks of Science 3D integrates engineering into the classroom with hands-on materials, print, and digital simulations. Spanish resources are now available online at no additional charge for any Building Blocks of Science 3D units. Teachers are provided with everything needed to teach a lesson in Spanish, including glossary, background information, and instructional models.

Project Ideas

More than 60 free, downloadable Project Idea Cards are available for all grade levels in a variety of subject areas (fine arts, physics, social studies, and more) from PBL Works. Each card in the growing project library includes a driving question, project description, anticipated outcome, and reflection questions.

More with Scratch

Combined technologies allow students to learn about force and motion with hands-on coding activities. By integrating Vernier’s Go Direct Force and Acceleration Sensor with Scratch, students can use the sensor to help create interactive art, musical instruments, game controllers, storytelling projects, and more.

Stretching Dollars

Check out CouponChief.com’s Ultimate Guide to Teacher and Educator Discounts. The free guide includes more than 50 stores with discounts for teachers and librarians (grouped by book, technology, crafts, and other categories), plus a dozen creative ways for teachers to save money, Q&A, and additional linked resources.

Carolyn Astfalk is a contemporary Catholic novelist, blogger, CatholicMom.com contributor, and mother of four Catholic-school students ranging from first grade to high school.

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