Book Club Designed for Catholic Schools Takes Off Nationwide


Since its launching at the beginning of the academic year, the first-of-its-kind national book club for Catholic schools has taken off, with hundreds of new clubs forming throughout the country.

Ignatius Book Club for Schools partners with leading publishers to provide more than 600 top-quality books and educational materials that support the unique mission of Catholic schools: to form the whole child—mind, body, and spirit.

Early readers, epic adventures, hands-on science projects, and how-to guides for cooking and other life skills are among the many books and activities carefully selected to inspire the imaginations and enrich the minds of children. To invite young people into the grandeur of the Catholic faith, the program also offers biographies of saints, Bibles, and prayer books.

Each purchase made through Ignatius Book Clubs earns bonus points that can be redeemed for books, educational materials, religious articles, or school supplies for the classroom or school.

The one-of-a-kind combination of uplifting materials sets the Ignatius Book Club for Schools apart from other book-buying programs and is the reason for its rapid growth. “At last,” say many teachers, principals, and parents, “a book club designed for Catholic schools.”

Go to today and see for yourself how this new book club supports the efforts of Catholic schools to foster the academic excellence and the spiritual growth of children.