Activity & Printable: My Wheel of Saints

Young students can celebrate All Saints’ Day with this simple printable activity.

By Nicole Woodard

Do you know what a saint is? A saint is a person who lived just as God would like all people to live. Saints are very holy and blessed. They have shown extreme love and kindness to many people. Every saint represents something that was very special to them while they lived on Earth. There are saints that represent children, animals, soldiers—just about anything you can think of. Let’s make a spinning wheel of saints and learn about the lives of some really special people.

What you need

white paper
My Wheel of Saints printable worksheets (#1 and #2)
exacto knife
brass paper fasteners


1. Make one copy per child of My Wheel of Saints worksheets #1 and #2 onto the paper.
2. Using your exacto knife, cut a small hole (directly over the black circle) in the center of each of the wheels.

Craft time

1. Give each child a copy of My Wheel of Saints worksheets #1 and #2 and one brass paper fastener.
2. Cut out each wheel.
3. Cut out the wedge shape at the top of worksheet #1.
4. Place the wheel you cut out from worksheet #1 on top of the other wheel. Fasten together with the
brass paper fastener.
5. Spin the wheel and learn about the saints!

Excerpted from 37 Catholic Classroom Crafts … in 20 minutes or less! by Nicole Woodard. Copyright 2009. Published by Twenty-Third Publications ( Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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