Activity & Printable: Mass Item Matchup

This activity will guide students in learning the names of items used in Mass.

By Sara Jonckheere

Learning the names of the items that are used in Mass each week can be a challenge for children since many of the terms are not words we commonly use. Make it a little more fun by turning it into a game. This makes it more hands on as they work to remember the terminology and match it to a picture.

Supplies needed:

To make:

Print the Mass Item Cards on cardstock for durability. Laminate if you plan to reuse these. Cut the cards apart.

PRO TIP #1: If you plan to use this as a matching game and don’t want your students to be able to see through the paper or cardstock, attach a sheet of scrapbook paper to the backside and then laminate. This will give a fun design to the back of the cards and make it impossible to see through.

PRO TIP #2: If you plan to make multiple sets for your classroom grab some cheap stickers to label each set. Add the same sticker to the back of each card in a set. Each card should have the same sticker on the back now. If a card is lost or left behind, students will easily know which set it belongs to.

To play:

The easiest way to play this game is to simply match the picture and the word. There are 10 words to learn when using this game: chalice, crucifix, tabernacle, paten, sanctuary lamp, altar, host, holy water font, Roman Missal, and ambo. For beginners, just have them look at all the pictures and the words and try to match them.

Mass Item Matchup 4 -

Memory – Shuffle the cards and set them all face down in neat rows and columns. One at a time, students will pick two cards up. If the word and the picture match, they keep the cards and go again. If they do not match, they return the cards to the same position and it is the next player’s turn. Continue this until all of the cards are gone.

Mass Item Matchup 3 -

Go Fish – To play this, shuffle the cards and have each player draw 4 cards. If they have any Mass items and words that match they can set them down in front of them and grab more cards to replace those. Then, students will take turns asking another player for the match to one of the cards in his/her hand. If the other player has the words or the picture, they give it to the player that asked. The student that has the match sets it in front of them and goes again. If the other person does not have a match they say “Go Fish” and the student who asked will draw a card from the pile. Continue playing until all cards are drawn and all matches are made.

Win, Lose, or Draw – Using just the word cards, students will choose a card and draw the picture that matches it. Classmates will try to guess the correct word based on the picture. You could divide the class up into two teams to play this way.

Mass Item Matchup 2 -

Other ideas for use:

  • Give each child one of the picture cards (or word cards for older students). Take a quiet tour of the church and see if students can identify the real-life object in the church.
  • Use the cards as a way to partner students up. Each child draws a card. They have to find the match to their card (either word or picture) and the student with the matching card will be their partner for the day.
  • Print the cards, cut them horizontally, and then fold in half before laminating. Now the cards can be used as flashcards with the picture on one side and the word on the other.

Sara Jonckheere is an elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom. She now creates digital curriculum and resources and shares teaching ideas on her blog, Sara J Creations.

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  1. Hi! I love these ideas and am keen to use them with my students and teachers. Can I get a copy of the picture and words cards or do you have to make them yourself?

  2. Yes, you can make them yourself, Jo. We don’t have them available, but you’re welcome to download the PDF file and make them for your classroom use! 🙂

  3. Here it is.

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