Activity & Printable: Baptism of the Lord Craft

Use crayons, paint and a little glue to depict the scene of the Baptism of the Lord.

By Sara Jonckheere

Get your students prepared for the Baptism of the Lord and the Sunday readings with this simple craft. This is easily adaptable and can be done with younger children or older students as well.

Supplies Needed

White paper plate (cheap non-waxy ones work the best for this)

Watercolor paints

Small dish of water


Black marker


Glue stick

Hole punch



Baptism printable picture

To Assemble

Print out the free printable of Jesus and John the Baptist. Cut out around the square and color with crayons. Be sure to color even the white parts such as the dove and the clothes with white crayon. This will help the paint to resist it and paint around the items that are colored. Glue the picture to the middle of the paper plate.


Using a white or black crayon, add clouds to the sky and waves to the water. Again, it is important to use crayons for this step so that the paint will not cover over it.


With marker (preferably permanent marker) write “The Baptism of the Lord” across the top of the plate. On the bottom of the plate write, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased. –Mark 1:7-11”


Using the paintbrush, dish of water and watercolor paints, paint the sky and the water. Paint on the printable and right on the paper plate all the way to the edges. The paint will resist sticking to the plate where the crayon is, allowing the clouds, waves and any other details to show through the paint. Allow the paint to dry.


Once the paint is dry, use a hole punch to punch two holes near the top of the plate. Thread a small piece of yarn through the holes and tie in a knot. Now your Baptism of the Lord painting is ready to hang!


For younger children, you might want to write the words on the plate for them ahead of time so that spacing doesn’t become an issue. For older children, have them look up the readings related to the Baptism of the Lord and copy the words directly from their Bible onto the plate.

Sara Jonckheere is an elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom. She now creates digital curriculum and resources and shares teaching ideas on her blog, Sara J Creations.

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