Activity: Plan an All-School “Creation Care Fair”

In the model of science fairs, consider offering a Creation Fair for the whole school. You might plan this near the feast of St. Francis of Assisi (October 4) or close to Earth Day (April 22).

by Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark, SSJ

Each grade level can participate in age-appropriate ways. Here are some ideas you may want to use as you plan your Creation Fair:

Invite parents and diocesan representatives to attend.

Serve locally grown food, and have a zero-waste lunch.

Invite a local Native American to share ways they relate to the earth in their tradition.

Encourage showing the beauty of the earth through the arts: dance, poetry, watercolor, clay, etc.

Mount an art display with student artwork illustrating the beauty of creation and the damage done by pollution, litter, waste, etc.

Create objects from what would be considered trash.

Have a fashion show with recycled clothes made by the students.

Display projects that students have created to show how they would reduce, reuse and recycle.

Plant a tree.

Have demonstrations using three different kinds of bags. Tell the story of each bag: plastic bag, paper bag and reusable cloth bag. Begin with one child, and go around the room, continuing the story.

Demonstrate the value of fresh water by illustrating the amount of water on earth, the amount of fresh water on earth, and the amount of water available for use by all forms of life—human, animal and plant.

Offer everyone who attends a planter made from a biodegradable cup, holding seeds that are ready to go into the soil at home.

All of creation is precious to God and to us.