Activity: Catholic Advent Calendar

This Catholic Advent calendar is a great option for you to use in your classroom, or even to send home with students to use with their families.

by Sara Jonckheere

In making this Advent calendar, I wanted it to be useful for as many Catholic families as possible and something they use year after year.  Because of that, there is a lot of choice involved in this calendar.

I’m offering this to TCT readers during Advent 2016…if you’re reading this after Advent 2016, visit my site to sign up for it. 🙂

You can choose what activities you want to do and what day you want to do them.  The number card and activity cards are separate so you can look at your month of December and decide what activity you want your child to flip over each day depending on your schedule.

What’s Included:

  • 36 activity cards designed with Catholic kids and families in mind
  • Number cards 1-25
  • Directions with pictures for ideas on how to display your calendar

Free Advent calendar

Getting Started:

Print and cut apart the activity cards and the number cards.  If this is an activity you want to use or let your children touch, I would suggest printing on cardstock and even laminating for durability.

Decide which activity you would like for each day of December.  Look at your class calendar and pick out activities that will be fun and not a ton of work based on the activities you already have going on.  Match up the number and the activity card.

Click here for a PDF file or to print the Catholic Advent Calendar.

Decide How You Want to Display Your Calendar:

I’ve included some ideas for how to display your Advent calendar but feel free to make this work for you.  If you already have an Advent calendar with boxes or slots, use that and print the activities on regular paper so they can be folded down to the size you need.

  • Attach to a Christmas Tree

I put the number card in front of the activity card and used mini clothespins to clip them to the tree.  This is a small Christmas tree that we have specifically for the girls and it could even serve as your Advent Calendar Tree.

tree Advent calendar

You could also incorporate these onto your regular tree if you want.  Each day, find the correct number and move the activity card to the front so you can see which ones are complete.

  • Use envelopes to hide the activities

Put the number cards on the front of the envelope and hide the activity card on the inside of the envelope.

Catholic advent calendar envelopes

Hang the envelopes on a ribbon, banner, or Christmas tree.  Or don’t display them and just have a basket of the envelopes that your child opens each day.

  • Use ribbon and hang on the wall

I used ribbon and tiny clothespins to attach the number card and the activity card to the ribbon.  I put them in 2 vertical lines.  You could make horizontal lines if you prefer and hang them on a door, wall, mantle, etc.

Again, the two cards are NOT attached.  I just put the number card in front and clipped the two together.  After each day, you can keep the activity card on the top so you remember what number you are on.

Free Advent calendar 2

Make this calendar your own!  Have fun with it and display it in the way that makes the most sense for your family.  Just spend time together as a family enjoying the Christmas season and preparing for the birth of our Savior.

Get Your Copy of this Catholic Advent Calendar:

Go to Sara J Creations to sign up to get the Advent calendar.

Sara Jonckheere is an elementary teacher turned stay-at-home mom. She loves teaching, creating teacher resources, sharing her faith, and helping her daughters learn and explore the world around them. She’s online at Sara J Creations.

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  1. We created an interactive Advent Calendar for our students at St. Isidore School in Riverhead NY. It’s a fun way to have our students start each day with a video or activity! Each teacher was able to have it up on the smartboard when they arrived each morning! I can’t wait to make another for next Advent!

  2. I love that you shared that, Carol! Please let us know when you have the one up for next year and we’ll share it with our readers! 🙂

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