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Writer’s Guidelines

Writer’s Guidelines

Today’s Catholic Teacher

Thank you for your interest in writing for Today’s Catholic Teacher!

Today’s Catholic Teacher is a nationally circulated, subscription-based, print publication that publishes 4 times per year (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) for K-8 educators concerned with private education in general and Catholic education in particular. Although our readership is primarily classroom teachers, Today’s Catholic Teacher is also read by principals, supervisors, superintendents, boards of education, pastors, and parents.

Today’s Catholic Teacher aims to be a source of information for Catholic educators that’s not available anywhere else. Subject matter may be any topic of practical help, concern, or interest to educators in Catholic schools, such as:

  • Developments in curriculum, testing, technology, school relationships, creative teaching, school and community needs, and administration as it affects the classroom
  • National issues and trends which are of concern to Catholic educators
  • Suggestions on the teaching of curricular subjects, including all academic areas as well as religion.


The focus of articles should span the interests of teachers from early childhood through junior high. Articles may be directed to just one age group yet have wider implications. Preference is given to material directed to teachers in grades 4 through 8.

We prefer a direct, concise, informative, and accurate style. Writing should be enjoyable to read, informal rather than scholarly, lively, and free of educational jargon.

Features are approximately 1500 words and pay $300 upon publication in the magazine. For this payment, your article may be published in any Bayard publication, including but not limited to Today’s Catholic Teacher and our website (CatholicTeacher.com). A copy of the issue will be sent to any author whose original work is published in Today’s Catholic Teacher. We purchase first rights for original articles; we reserve the right to edit all work for length and content.

Queries submitted must be strongly focused on a definitive topic, hold a national appeal, and be well in advance of publication.

Due to the large volume of submissions and our small staff, Today’s Catholic Teacher regrets that it is no longer able to accept or acknowledge unsolicited submissions, or any submissions sent by post mail. Professional writers who have previously been published in other magazines or newspapers may send a query letter, along with 1 to 2 relevant published writing samples, to: editor@catholicteacher.com.

For feature assignments, we prefer queries that summarize your approach to the topic, telling us what sources you will use and what interviews (if any) you have planned. Make your idea stand out with a new take on a perennial topic. Tell us, specifically, what makes your take on the topic uniquely useful to Today’s Catholic Teacher readers. Send to editor@catholicteacher.com.

Seasonal material should be submitted at least 6-8 months in advance.