A Look Ahead: January Feasts and Fun

A quick look at timely content for the month ahead.

By Barb Szyszkiewicz

We’ve checked the archives, so you don’t have to: a roundup of activities, prayer services, and more for January.


Activity & Printable: Take-Home Blessing Kits

Saint Studies: St. Basil the Great Lessons and Activities

Liturgical Year

Teaching Liturgically in January: Christmastide and the Liturgical Year


Prayer Services

Prayer Service in Honor of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Prayer Service in honor of St. John Neumann


Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week Guide

Great Ideas for Catholic Schools Week: Meaningful Adjectives

Great Ideas for Catholic Schools Week: Tasteful “Thank You”

Great Ideas: 2 for Catholic Schools Week


March for Life

Marching for Life (Without a Bus Trip to Washington)

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