A Look Ahead: Feasts and Fun in March

A quick look at timely content for the month ahead.

By Barb Szyszkiewicz

We’ve checked the archives, so you don’t have to: a roundup of activities, prayer services, and more for the month of March!

The Liturgical Year

Teaching Liturgically in March: Holy Week

Lenten Lessons: Activities for Teaching Kindness and Mercy Through the Lens of Lent

Lenten Prayer Service

Seeing Lent

Activity Pages: Stations of the Cross

Activity & Printable: Stations of the Cross Matching Cards

Prayer Service: Lenten Reconciliation

Building a Bridge from Lent to Easter

Great Ideas: Creative Solutions

Spring is (almost) here!

Coming soon to a classroom near you: spring!

From Catechist Magazine:

Teaching the Two Sides of Lent

Fasting & Feasting: A Prayer Service for Lent

Catholic IQ: Lent & Easter

What Catholics Should Know about the Liturgical Calendar: Lent & Easter

From Catholic Digest:

Lenten Reading

Worth Watching: Movies for Lent

Making Lent a Fruitful Season for Teens

30 Ways to Grow Spiritually This Lent — That Aren’t Fasting from Food

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