2018 Innovation in Catholic Education “Technology integration” Finalists


  • Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Diocese: New Orleans
  • Enrollment: 1,265
  • Grade levels: 8-12
  • Principal: Beth Ann Simno
  • Website: mcacubs.com

To encourage student involvement in the emerging medium of digital storytelling, which captures the blueprint of human civilization and its values, the teachers at Mount Carmel Academy devised an interdisciplinary project among the 3D Animation, Acting, and Creative Writing classes to create a digital short film. This cross-curricular unit centered on storytelling; however, students also built real-world collaboration skills and stretched their creative and technological capabilities. Painting worlds with words, bringing a character to life with voice, or animating the movements of creatures across a screen are all important individual skills, but seeing these come together and come alive is the true testament to the power of creative collaborations. These animated short films are shared with the school and local community at Mount Carmel Academy’s annual Arts in the Spotlight evening and used to inspire future storytellers.

Mt Carmel - WINNER Tech - GNP


  • Location: Plano, Texas
  • Diocese: Dallas
  • Enrollment: 552
  • Grade levels: PK-8
  • Principal: Patricia Opon
  • Website: stmcs.net

In 2017 the St. Mark Catholic School community built a SmartLab, which principal Patricia Opon likes to describe as “STEM on steroids!” A SmartLab is a fully integrated facility where students explore many disciplines through applied technology and project-based learning. It is carefully designed and provisioned for each grade level, meeting the targeted needs of the campus. Applications reinforce academics across many disciplines and build next-generation skills utilizing the most engaging learning tools available. An appropriate level of challenge is provided to each student, addressing all learning styles. Students apply the thought processes and knowledge they gain from the classroom and their STEM projects to real-world applications. The marriage of classroom lessons, the STEM project thought process, and cutting-edge technology means that students know no boundaries.

St Mark - Tech - GNP


  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Diocese: Phoenix
  • Enrollment: 478
  • Grade levels: PK-8
  • Principal: Sr. Raphael Quinn
  • Website: simonjudeschool.org

SS. Simon and Jude Cathedral School has successfully led students through technology integration with the 1:1 iPad program initiated during the 2013-14 school year. iPads have become a routine part of students’ lives. While these are useful academic tools, there is also a focus on digital citizenship; students are taught how to perform appropriate searches, identify reliable sources, and be responsible with the technology that has become infused in their lives. Students are directed when to use the iPad in class as teachers balance traditional learning with technology. Teachers were provided with professional development training in best practices for incorporating this technology into lessons and assessments. The 1:1 program allows faculty to collaborate and share new ideas and methodologies. Differentiation can be achieved through blended learning as students follow self-paced lessons.

SS Simon and Jude - Tech - GNP