2018 Innovation in Catholic Education “Curriculum and instruction Finalists


  • Location: West Bend, Wisconsin
  • Diocese: Milwaukee
  • Enrollment: 280
  • Grade levels: PK-8
  • Principal: Mike Sternig
  • Website: has.pvt.k12.wi.us

To prepare students for a multicultural, interdependent society, Holy Angels School offers a sequential program of study in world culture and language in all grades, for all students. Students in kindergarten through grade five receive instruction in German, Spanish, and Chinese language and culture on a rotating trimester schedule. Middle-school students concentrate on one world language, chosen prior to sixth-grade placement, for three years. By the end of eighth grade, it is possible for students to complete the equivalency of level one in their respective language at the high school. The study of world language and culture leads to the ability to communicate in a second or third world language, in addition to an awareness of and appreciation for God’s gift of diversity in other cultures.

Holy Angels - Curriculum - CTP


  • Location: Wilmington, Delaware
  • Diocese: Wilmington
  • Enrollment: 661
  • Grade levels: 9-12
  • Principal: Barbara Markham
  • Website: paduaacademy.org

Padua Academy offers a yearlong elective on the Holocaust and Twentieth Century Genocide to students in grades 10 through 12 as well as students from “brother” school Salesianum. This program has cross-curricular applications designed to emphasize the respect for life, the preservation of democracy, and the moral dilemmas in an immoral reality. Extending beyond the historical treatment of the Holocaust, themes of the course deal with reconciliation, survival, morality, indifference, and immorality. The local Jewish Community Center provides grants for honoraria and travel subsidies. Guest speakers and presenters include camp survivors, hidden children, a liberator of Dachau, a Jew living in China in the l930s, and a filmmaker who has interviewed some 300 survivors, righteous and liberators.



  • Location: Louisville, Kentucky
  • Archdiocese: Louisville
  • Enrollment: 138
  • Grade levels: PK-8
  • Principal: Mary Parola
  • Website: stleonardlouisville-school.org

At St. Leonard Community School, the belief that all students are 21st-century learners who must demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills along with the ability to communicate and collaborate with others led to the creation of 20% Time. This program involved the middle-school students in creating physical improvements for the school. The students brainstormed ideas, which ranged from the very ambitious (adding a second-floor loft) to the more manageable (adding a Lego wall). They set up committees to handle everything from the budget to fundraising, furniture, and technology. They created agendas for meetings, kept detailed notes, and made plans. Students even formed a public-relations team to get input from parish and community groups that would use the space. The committees will present their proposals to the school and parish councils for final approval, and students will take part in the actual work of transforming the space. Students have shown increased confidence in their writing, research, and public-speaking skills. 20% Time has also helped build and strengthen relationships among the students in different grades and between the teachers and students.

St Leonard - WINNER Curriculum - CTP